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Serhiy Volodymyrovych VEREMEYCHIK


Introduction. Religious and anthropological topics are extremely relevant and inexhaustible, because they cover the relationship of the meaning of human existence with such phenomena as life, freedom, choice, responsibility, soul, eternity. The anthropological views of the prominent Ukrainian philosopher and teacher of the 19th century P. Yurkevich are undoubtedly a significant page in the history of Ukrainian philosophical thought. Instead, the work of the philosopher is still insufficiently studied and less active in solving the problems of the spiritual and moral order and determining the role of value-meaning intentions in the formation of positive outlook.

The purpose of the study is to uncover the essence of the relationship between the physical and the spiritual in the context of religious and anthropological research of P. Yurkevich, in particular on the basis of studies of the basic principles of the philosopher's teaching about the "heart".

The following research methods are used in the work: analitical, structural-semiotic, methods of synthesis and analogies, individualization and generalization.

Results. The article describes the "spirit", "soul" and "body" concepts relation in the context of religious and anthropological searches of P. Yurkevich. On the basis of researches, the basic principles of the doctrine of the philosopher about the "heart" are elucidated. The relation between the physical and the spiritual, the mind and the heart, the place and the role of spirituality in human life are revealed. It is established that the existence of human in the world requires such phenomena as spirit, soul, spirituality, without which the subject loses its integrity and unity.

Originality. The peculiarity of the soul and heart essential understanding is analyzed on the basis of the critical rethinking of materialistic tendencies in philosophy and the denial of views on the origin of the ideal processes from the material. It is determined that the transition from the ideal being to the existing requires not only one idea, but also a separate activity of the individual with his heart as the center of his spirituality.

Conclusion. It is established that the concept of "philosophy of the heart" by P. Yurkevich has deep origins in the national spiritual culture, and his teaching is largely a reflection of the spiritual, values, cultural and moral orientations of Ukrainian society, which were formed on the basis of the Christian tradition. It is substantiated that increasing interest in the problems of the soul causes new approaches to the interaction of science and religion, appeal to centuries-old religious and moral experience.

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