Ethos of philosophy and education reform

Volodymyr Prozyshyn


On the basis of updating the problems of ethos of philosophy is made an attempt to rethink its position, objectives and mode of existence in today’s educational environment. From this perspective the author carries out a comparison of the cognitive and social-communicative (ethical) content of philosophizing itself with relevant teaching practices, taken in their historical perspective. The article advocates the idea of the existence of an intrinsic link between dominant while studying forms of communication (the nature of social relations) in their vertical and horizontal dimensions and valued definiteness of knowledge acquired in these forms. As constitutive for philosophical ethos (moral self-determination of man in the world) the author regardes the practice of Socratic dialogue communication, reproducing of that in the conditions of educational activity is interpreted also as the most effective method of transformation of knowledge into persuasions. Attention is accented on substantial distinctions between university and school education, awareness of which is examined as pre-condition of successful reformation of educational activity of educational activity of universities in the conditions of its approaching to the European educational standards.


ethos of philosophy; educational activities; forms of communication; education reform; university philosophy; philosophical practice.


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